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🍋 Lemons, Pokemon cards and Anime

I came down with a cold last week, and have been catching up with all the goodness that was announced at the Next.js conf! It looks like the JS community has quite never been this active in some time, what a time to be a part of this transformation that we're seeing! 😅 With React server components becoming a reality, and Remix becoming a part of Shopify and tooling like Turbopack and Vite becoming more mainstream, we're all in for a ride.

#70 November 2, 2022

📃 A4 paper, fake meats and Gen Z

I spent most of the week finishing up the next version of Karma that I've teased earlier—I'm super happy with how everything looks and even had someone beta test it out and fixed up some more things!

#64 September 6, 2022

👀 Back after a sabbatical.

It's been a while. 😅 I'm back after taking the last month off—I got super busy with a buuunch of different things, I even visited Bangalore after so long!

#58 June 14, 2022

🤝 Friendly forks, some Svelte and anti-crypto toxicity

I learnt a used a bit of Svelte for a personal minisite this week. It felt really neat and fast but I almost missed JSX! I realised that I'm not a huge fan of templating syntax, especially versus using JavaScript. 😄

#57 May 8, 2022

🍅 Devs for Ukraine, An Anniversary and The Ketchup Conundrum

Today's a special day: it's been officially a year since I started this newsletter! (and published it regularly 😅) It's had such a great positive feedback loop effect on me through the weeks, and hopefully you've liked it too! 😝

#54 April 5, 2022

🐟 Being an Imposter, Knowing when to say "No" and React Day Bangalore

Hope you're having good time wherever you are—it is officially need-to-take-multiple-showers-a-day weather here in Bhubaneswar. 😅 I had some fun solving the puzzles over at Break the Code 2 by .Tech and also talked to a couple of people over the weekend! This was the first time I've ever done this and I think it went well enough that I'd do it again—keep an eye on my Twitter or reply here if you wanna talk!

#53 March 29, 2022

🍎 A new MDX, Lego and iPhone

I witnessed a snow storm here in New York last week! (it's so cold that the snow is still here after 4 days 🤯) I've always been a winter-loving kid but NYC really has me questioning if I love winters as much. 😅

#46 February 1, 2022

🥳 New Year, new Me, new You too!

Hello there, Happy New Year!

I hope your return to work is going peachy. 🍑 I'm in Kolkata for some top-secret work and if everything goes well, I'll have some exciting news to share sometime next week. 🤞

#42 January 4, 2022

⏲️ It's almost the end of the year

It's almost the end of the year—wow, that was quick. 😅 Everything is cold and slow, and I hope you get to have a festive end to the year as well!

#40 December 21, 2021

👋 Hello from React India 2021

React India finally happened last week—if we were on the same table in the lounge, hi again! Like any conference, the lounge/booth conversations were equally exciting as the actual talks themselves, especially when there were so many interesting people to interact with too! (Disclaimer: I may or may not start preparing for the React India 2022 conference CFP already 👀)

#35 November 16, 2021

✨ New releases everywhere!

Doing my best impression of MKBHD So I've been living in the mountains for almost 10 days now, and I'm all settled in! With this move, I realized that apparently all I need in life is good internet (to video call my girlfriend, duh). I'm just trolling, but I really can't find things to complain about — I mean look at the view from my evening jog!

#33 November 2, 2021

⛰ Life update: Hello from the Himalayan foothills!

Life update: I moved to the foothills of the Himalayas! I've been posting photos and am still in awe of where I am. Living in a place as remote as this is a whole another experience and I cannot wait to share more about it. 😍 I did want to add though that I moved here with my parents and younger brother since this is where my Dad is posted out currently. I'll be writing more about the whole move on my blog, so stay tuned! You can even subscribe to my blog's RSS feed. 😄

#32 October 26, 2021

😌 Beautiful code blocks, at last

I got to visit my mother's ancestral home in a little village today, had a ton of great food and met a bunch of relatives. I also made a ton of progress with adding shiki as my syntax highlighter — I'm actually almost done! You can check out a live preview of how it looks and check out my tweets for a comparison of how it compares to what I was using earlier (prism-react-renderer, incredibly popular and probably your choice of syntax highlighter as well!)

#31 October 19, 2021

🎨 A new syntax highlighter for sreetamdas.com

I'm writing out today's newsletter slightly late: I got to visit the Jagannath Temple in Puri. We hadn't been able to go for a couple of years now (something related to a global pandemic maybe?) so it was a surreal experience! We had to leave super early in the morning (by 5AM) to reach in time, so I spent most of my afternoon catching up on sleep. 😅

#30 October 12, 2021

🚗 I'm moving to the Himalayan foothills!

I'm in the middle of moving, so long Vizag! 👋I'm at my ancestral home in Bhubaneswar at the moment and missing Bangalore weather a lot! Being home and having a change of scenery is sweet though. I'll be moving again in a couple weeks to Kalimpong, and I'm sooo looking forward to that. 😄

#29 October 5, 2021

⌨️ Beats and Keebs

What a week it's been — I've spent the last couple days listening to Donda! I also saw quite a few people I know posting their mechanical keyboards — Oh man, I couldn't be happier seeing so many people getting into this not-so-niche-anymore lil' hobby that I used to think I was alone in! 😄

#24 August 31, 2021

💜 I'm back and well!

I'm back from my bout with Dengue fever! I spent a couple of days at the hospital under observation to make sure that I went into the recovery phase, and my blood platelet count is finally increasing again. 🙌

#23 August 24, 2021

😅 Not the Best Weekend

I got dengue over the weekend, and all I can say is: F**k mosquitoes! My weekend was a cycle of medicines and bed rest.

#22 August 17, 2021

👫🏻 Guess who's back?

I'm back from Bangalore after my PTO — it was surreal to be able to get out of the house, and I got to meet my girlfriend as well! I love her a lot, and she totally didn't ask me to write this 😄

#20 August 3, 2021

🌴 Time off + some happy updates :)

I've been on leave for the past week and enjoying time away from, well, pretty much everything! And to top it off, I got a raise at work! 😄

#19 July 27, 2021

🦄 Remote became a unicorn!

This week's slightly-late issue is here! I was under embargo until now, and I really wanted to include this in the newsletter:

#16 July 13, 2021

A broken live component, no more!

Hello there!

I resolved a bug in the live component that I'd shared last week — thanks to Shubham for pointing it out! The bug would cause any modifications that you'd made to be cleared when you would change the theme 😅

#10 June 1, 2021

Notion's API is finally here!

I hope you had a great week — I fiddled around with the ✨ finally released ✨ Notion API and created a new page on my website to see all the keebs (and related things!) I've bought so far. The API is still in beta, so feel free to play around and explore it :)

#8 May 18, 2021

Ride the RGB wave

I added a new page to my website! I love how it turned out, and I'll be writing about how I achieved the "chameleon text effect" (thanks for helping with the name Pritam!) soon.

#5 April 27, 2021

🚀 RSS feed is live!

I added an RSS feed to my blog! It was simpler than I thought and I'll write about it soon. I also launched my own discord server last week. Feel free to drop in and talk about mechcanical keyboards, code and everything else in between :)

#3 April 13, 2021

April 2021, Week 1

I'm getting back to working on my website! I'll be adding a (proper) mobile layout and RSS feed to begin with, and I'll be writing about my experience with it. Stay tuned for that :)

#2 April 6, 2021

Getting view count