β›½ Zustand, On being indispensable and the jerrycan design

#52 March 22, 2022

Hello there!

This week I moved a buuunch of my React.useContext code over to Zustand! I was pretty impressed by Zustand last week and I especially loved that I could VERY easily configure it to persist the /foobar stateβ€”I even added a small helper to migrate the data (from localForage/IndexedDB to Zustand, in case you're interested).

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Onto this week!

πŸ“š To read

  • 13 tips for junior developers on how to make a great impression with your take-home coding task β€” Angelika Tyborska Take-home coding tasks are prevalent in the industry, albeit controversial. Some people think they’re a great tool for assessing the skills of a potential hire, others think it’s a waste of everyone’s time and go as far as avoiding companies that use them when looking for a new job. As a junior developer, you might not have the luxury of making such a choice. Finding your first job can be very hard, and making a great impression with the take-home coding task can make the difference between getting hired or not.

  • Announcing CodeSandbox Projects β€” Ives van Hoorne "A cloud development platform with the familiar speed and experience of CodeSandbox, but deeply integrated with your favourite tooling, and working on projects of any size."

  • On Being Indispensable β€” SoFuckingAgile "Being indispensable at work sounds like job security. For me it was a trap where years went by where I didn't learn anything new."

  • The jerrycan design goes back over 80 years, and it’s showing no signs of retirement β€” Hagerty Now and again, an invention becomes so ubiquitous that it’s rendered practically invisible. An industrial designer might consider that the ultimate complimentβ€”a bellwether for a product’s longevity. All this was running through my brain when I recently had to explain to a friend what β€œthat red thing” was, and what purpose it served. Really, when’s the last time you thought especially hard about the humble jerrycan?

πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

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Relic with MT3 2048 Relic with MT3 2048

Dalco 959 Mini with GMK Perestroika Dalco 959 Mini with GMK Perestroika

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