A list of things I use everyday:

I use MacOS, and rely almost daily on a few great packages:

  • Brew the package manager for macOS
  • Amphetamine super useful when you want to prevent your system from falling asleep
  • Rocket emojis, everywhere!
  • Alfred a much better spotlight
  • Rectangle a window manager; I love that I can arrange my windows exactly how I want using just keyboard shortcuts
  • Flux helps dim/yellow/orange your screen down when it starts to get late at night
  • Muzzle prevent notifications from popping up when you're sharing your screen
  • Maccy for lack of better words, a copy-paste manager? allows you to search through your historical copy-s, super helpful
  • 1Password password manager which really checks off all the right boxes
  • Pock make your touchbar actually useful
  • Unsplash regularly changing wallpapers of absolutely wow quality