I'm a Senior software tinkerer currently working as a Senior Front-end Engineer at Remote. I enjoy working on React and all things JavaScript/TypeScript and am a big believer in the functional programming paradigmβ€”lately, I've been interested in learning Elixir. In the past I've also worked with different languages like Python, JavaScript, Elixir, TypeScript and C++, as well as Node, Django and Redux.

I'm a self-taught developer with a degree in Metallurgy and Materials from NIT Warangal (psst, my alma mater's was the first major website I worked on!). I've been fascinated by computers and the internet from around 8th grade when I used Google for the first time.

In the past, I've worked extensively with Python and the Google Cloud Platform, and spearheaded Python pipeline and React UI rewrites. I've continued working with React and TypeScript since then and love the experiece, along with a bunch of other tooling: I firmly believe in developer tooling which allows one to become a 1.1x developer. πŸ˜‰

Outside of the world of programming, I am also a quizzer and was the lead at my college's Quiz Club. Having played a lot of CS in my childhood and college, I also love following the CS:GO esports scene. I enjoy using mechanical keyboards and lurk r/mk pretty much daily. I enjoy just about all genres of music and podcasts and am always looking for more ways to consume information from around the world. Additionally, I'm a PADI certified scuba diver, equestrian and a pretty-decent cook.

You can check me out on the following platforms:

If you're interested, you can take a look at my resume β€” and if you're intrigued still, thanks! You can reach out to me at sreetam [at] [window.location.hostname].

Here's a list of pages that curate my website:

  • /uses a list of (almost) everything that I use
  • /karma a beautiful VS Code theme by me
  • /keebs that I own β€” I love mechanical keyboards πŸ˜„
  • /podcasts that I listen to
  • /documentaries that I have watched
  • /tooling that I am always excited to use
  • /fancy-pants if you're looking for, well, something a little more fancy
  • /faq in case the question you have is already answered
  • /credits for the people who've helped and inspired me to make this website

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