I have been greatly influenced by a bunch of beautiful people while working on this website. I'm not a very creative person myself, so a lot of things that you see here are a direct/indirect result of their work and efforts β€” show them some love!


  • Josh W Comeau has been, by far, the biggest inspiration for this website.
  • CSS Tricks for their Flex and Grid cheatsheets which are top notchβ€”I keep referring to them regularly.
  • Maximillian Laumeister was the inspiration behind /foobar! His website is waaay too much fun and you should definitely check it out. Be warned, you're gonna end up spending a lo
  • Max Stoiber for a bunch of things including the layout of this website.
  • Neha Sharma who has a bunch of really helpful accessbility tips over at a11ytips.devβ€”if you notice anything that's not accessible/can be improved, let me know!
  • Wes Bos for popularizing /uses pages, and for a great React course that I used to learn React!
  • Areena Arora for being the best. Duh.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the GitHub repository:


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