Here's a couple of other things that I love working with:

  • Next.js: can't believe I put off working on NextJS for so long; it is an absolute delight!

  • Styled components: CSS-in-JS just works

  • TypeScript: type-safe code means that refactoring and catching bugs at code-write time itself becomes the norm

  • Redux Toolkit: an opinionated toolset for much more efficient redux development

  • Commitlint: helps you (and your team!) adhere to a commit convention, by checking if your commit messages meet the conventional commit format

  • Prettier: only thing better than looking at beautiful code is not having to worry about formatting it

and a couple of packages that I've been keeping an eye out for:

  • React Query: makes fetching, caching, synchronizing and updating server state in your React applications a breeze.

  • Rome: an approach to "standardizing the web development experience" by consolidating a linter, compiler, bundler, and more for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, Markdown, and CSS.

  • Vite: taking the concepts of Snowpack and Parcel to a whole another level

  • Svelte: component framework which unlike React and Vue (which primarily run in the browser), runs during the compile step at build time

  • Tailwind: CSS framework with a focus on utility classes instead of prebuilt components


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