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#55 April 13, 2022

Hello there!

I spoke on a Twitter space last weekend, on State management in Reactβ€”it was my first time and I think did okay? I've had stage fright since...forever, so I was pretty nervous. πŸ˜… (yes, even though it was just audio and virtual)

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If you'd been procrastinating on submitting your talk proposal for React Day Bangalore, they've extended their deadline!

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πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

⌨️ Keyboards

BMEK with GMK Minimal BMEK with GMK Minimal

Matrix Lab Falcon with GMK Minimal and GMK Zhuyin Matrix Lab Falcon with GMK Minimal and GMK Zhuyin

That's all for now, have a great week!

Stay kind πŸ’œ

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