πŸ‘€ Back after a sabbatical.

#58 June 14, 2022

Hello there!

It's been a while. πŸ˜… I'm back after taking the last month offβ€”I got super busy with a buuunch of different things, I even visited Bangalore after so long!

I also spoke at React Day Bangalore 😍 The individual talks should be edited and out soon, but until then you catch the (timestamped) VOD on YouTubeβ€”I spoke about The Perfect Dark Mode. πŸŒ™

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Onto this week!

πŸ“š To read

  • The tech tool carousel The carousel is like one of those on a game show that shows the prizes that can be won. The tool will sit on there until I think it’s gone through enough maturing to actually be a viable tool for me, the team I’m working with and the clients I’m working for.

  • Dynamic Open Graph Images

  • Migrating millions of lines of code to TypeScript On Sunday March 6, we migrated Stripe’s largest JavaScript codebase (powering the Stripe Dashboard) from Flow to TypeScript. In a single pull request, we converted more than 3.7 million lines of code. The next day, hundreds of engineers came in to start writing TypeScript for their projects.

  • Mob Programming Is Quicker Than You Think Mob programming is an expansion of the pair programming paradigm where instead of two developers working on the same task, three or more developers are working on the same task. Quite often this includes the entire team working together with one person controlling the workstation.

πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

⌨️ Keyboards

Frog with GMK Evil Dolch Frog with GMK Evil Dolch

Owlab Spring with GMK Masterpiece Owlab Spring with GMK Masterpiece

That's all for now, have a great week!

Stay kind πŸ’œ