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#33 November 2, 2021

Hello there!

Doing my best impression of MKBHD So I've been living in the mountains for almost 10 days now, and I'm all settled in! With this move, I realized that apparently all I need in life is good internet (opens in a new tab) (to video call my girlfriend, duh). I'm just trolling, but I really can't find things to complain about — I mean look at the view from my evening jog (opens in a new tab)!

I took the entire last week of from work thinking I'd need that time to help get settled in, and I'm back on my setup. I found out something: it gets difficult to type in really cold weather. 😅 Also, congratulations to everyone who completed Hacktoberfest this year! 🥳

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👀 Some more cool stuff

Bonus! Bet you didn't know you can use vim's s/find/replace to edit your last message in Discord (opens in a new tab) 👨‍💻

⌨️ Keyboards

Portal with GMK Umbra (opens in a new tab) Portal with GMK Umbra

TGR x Typemachina Jane 1.5 with CRP 2551 HAD and Geonworks F1-8X with PBT Xerox 6001 (opens in a new tab) TGR x Typemachina Jane 1.5 with CRP 2551 HAD and Geonworks F1-8X with PBT Xerox 6001

That's all for now, have a great week! I would always link to COVID19India.org (opens in a new tab) here, but they announced that they were sunsetting the project (opens in a new tab). It feels right, with things slowly but surely getting back to normal — shoutout to everyone who worked on it. If you read this far, thank you! You're a gem and I appreciate you.

Stay kind 💜

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