✈️ State of JS '21, Next.js 12.1 and more!

#48 February 19, 2022

Hello there!

I'm in the middle of travelling, so this is gonna be a short oneβ€”but boy there have been exciting things this past week! πŸ˜„

πŸ“š To read

  • Next.js 12.1 released Expanded support for SWC, On-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (in Beta) and more!

  • State of JS 2021 Check out the latest report of the JavaScript ecosystem.

  • Subsetting Font Awesome to Improve Performance β€” Adam Rackis, CSS-Tricks By subsetting Font Awesome, we can remove any unused glyphs from the font files it provides. This will reduce the number of bytes transmitted over the wire, and improve performance.

  • Google Search Is Dying Reddit is currently the most popular search engine. The only people who don’t know that are the team at Reddit, who can’t be bothered to build a decent search interface. So instead we resort to using Google, and appending the word β€œreddit” to the end of our queries. Why are people searching Reddit specifically? The short answer is that Google search results are clearly dying. The long answer is that most of the web has become too inauthentic to trust.

πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

⌨️ Keyboards

Keycult 1/65 with GMK Dark Keycult 1/65 with GMK Dark

Canoe with GMK Demon Sword Canoe with GMK Demon Sword

That's all for now, have a great week!

Stay kind πŸ’œ