πŸ“¬ Type syntax in JS, YAMO and a homecoming for this newsletter

#51 March 17, 2022

Hello hello!

I've been busy this past week finishing something that I've wanted to do for quite a whileβ€”you can now view this newsletter's archive right on my website! Like always, I got carried away and made more changes that I originally intended to. πŸ˜… Check it out and let me know if I can make improvements!

I've already started on the next thing: I'm gonna replace my React Context spaghetti code with Zustandβ€”I've only seen it briefly but it looks really solid and I'm pretty confident it's gonna make my /foobar code sooo much better. πŸ§‘β€πŸ³ Lemme know if you've worked with it before and liked it!

Also, I had my review at work last week and it went so well!

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πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

⌨️ Keyboards

Louhi with MT3 Susuwatari Louhi with MT3 Susuwatari

Keycult 2/65 with GMK Evil Dolch Keycult 2/65 with GMK Evil Dolch

That's all for now, have a great week!

Stay kind πŸ’œ