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#24 August 31, 2021

Hello there!

What a week it's been β€” I've spent the last couple days listening to Donda! I also saw quite a few people I know posting their mechanical keyboards β€” Oh man, I couldn't be happier seeing so many people getting into this not-so-niche-anymore lil' hobby that I used to think I was alone in! πŸ˜„

I finally got to play around with React Query like I'd been meaning to β€” I added my website's repo's stars and forks' count to the footer using the GitHub API. Next up: using Supabase to add page view counts (and other stats in the future hopefully! 🀞)

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πŸ‘€ Some more cool stuff

⌨️ Keyboards

Polycarbonate Oceanographer with GMK Paperwork Polycarbonate Oceanographer with GMK Paperwork

Sangeo60 with KAT Eternal Sangeo60 with KAT Eternal

That's all for now, have a great week! If you're in India and over the age of 18, please get vaccinated asap :)

Stay safe 🀞